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 Property Valuations Sydney

Calculating the real property valuation

                   Prices & Specials
     Sydney Property Valuations From $180 + gst

          There are various ways to provide a valuation, (for $180 + gst) and here are some:


                    Desk-top                                         prices from $180 + gst

                    Kerb-side / Drive-by                      prices from $180 + gst

                    Certificate / Short form                 prices from $180 + gst

                    Full report / Long form                 negotiable price


  I value residential, retail, industrial, office/commercial, and rural properties, all with great expertise!



Let's talk about prices!


No ... I don't mean the value of your property!


I mean how much are you going to pay me to work for you!








I am in an industry that has seen fees decrease in real terms for many years.


That's life, and that's good for my clients.


So I have taken the decision to be the lowest cost valuer in Sydney.


I do know that other valuers claim to have the lowest fees ... they don't!



I do.



I never liked the word "cheap", because the connotation for me has always implied poor quality,


and I'll have no part of that!



I can live with the word "budget"!


So I'll invite you to see me as a professional who has streamlined his business to benefit both himself and his clients.



So, the bottom line is:


You get from me what you need, at an economical price.



Back in the 1980's, I worked for some of the large real estate companies, including Knight Frank, and Colliers. But my personality and temperament is best suited to being my own boss, so before long I started my own valuation business. It's been a great pleasure to assist thousands of clients over the years, and today I am as enthusiastic about what I do as the day I launched my business.


Of course, the industry has changed substantially since that time, with technology and database access being aspects of the work that have brought in new processes and practices.


What has not changed about what I do, is the personal and individual service that I provide to my clients, which is why many of them have used my service multiple times over the years!​

                SERVICE AREAS

The Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area.

Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, Campbelltown.

Rural areas, on request.

Click below, first for 3 "golden minutes", and next, for 90 "silver seconds", with Dave Butler!

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